On December 9, cheap nba 2k16 mt coins according to Yahoo Sports reported on this years NBA draft, Lakers second check select de Gilo Russell has raised questions. In fact, the Lakers management was more likely to choose Duke University Okafor or Nova boerjinjisi in Latvia, but the Lakers coach Byron Scott prefers Russell.

After finished the first 20 games of the season, Scott decided to change, and two young players Bill Russell and Randall into the bench.

Lakers loss to the Raptors in game yesterday, Russell off the bench for 21 minutes, scored 9 points and 2 assists. Meanwhile, the second show being used this season has raised questions and concerns.

It is clear that since the start of this season, rank after Russells Emeka Okafor and boerjinjisi have a very great performance, especially in boerjinjisi, East rookie he became in November, but the message according to Yahoo Sports, Lakers management in this summers NBA draft will miss Emeka Okafor and boerjinjisi, mainly because Scott is more like PF PG Russell.

There is no doubt that this Lakers team in the highly competitive West is unlikely to enter the playoffs, so they look forward to this season was mainly to train young players, so as to prepare for the post-Bryant era.

However the Lakers the reality is, they cant win the game, young players have the correct training, which will undoubtedly cause people to question their direction. Yesterday, Scott made it clear that Russell and Randall still will in the next 5-10 game as a substitute, so wanted to see through the series of adjustments the Lakers can win .